Deputy Mayors Report

I was not Mayor for much of 2016, but was deputy Mayor for most of the year.  I became acting mayor upon the resignation of Mayor Ian Gould in December 2016.

2016 saw completion of the Biomass heating system for the Multiplex Building early in the year.  While this was a holdover project from 2015, it was good to get it up and running early in the year.  It has been a more complex project than anticipated, but promises to be a good investment in the sustainability of our infrastructure.  Along the same lines, we saw the installation of solar panels on the roof of the multiplex, and even in winter we are seeing reasonable power generation.

The new hiking trail that cuts through the town, connecting from near the museum to the Sunset Park has opened up one more avenue for recreation in our community.  It is a pleasant wooded path that is already generating foot traffic.  Although it was vigorously debated during construction, solutions were reached that benefitted the community.  The intensity of the debate only highlights the passion we share for our little town and the commitment we all share to make it better

The Port Clements Historical Society took it on to open a gift shop in the St. Mark’s Church that has been a successful addition to the business community and added one more tourist attraction. Congratulations to the Society for stepping up and out of the box a bit with this project.  This is a good time to mention my respect for the many residents who volunteer for committees, societies, and other organizations.

In 2016 we let out a tender for an analysis of the Port Clements Water system by McElhaney and Associates.  They did a thorough review of what we had in infrastructure, what we produced at the wells, and what we delivered to our residents and made recommendations to improve the quality of the water we distribute.  How we as the Village of Port Clements assess and respond to the recommendations will be a main concern of Council in 2017.

While I observed difficulties with the 2016 Council, I always felt Councillors and public came forward with honest intentions to improve the Village.  We moved forward, slowly, but the direction was positive and such improvements as the trail, the biomass boiler, the solar panel project and the water study promise to benefit Port Clements in the years to come.

Deputy Mayor Doug Daugert