Dear Residents of Port Clements,

As most of you are aware we had a by-election in March 2017 where I got elected as your new Mayor after our previous Mayor and two Councillors quit.

A by-election is never an easy task and hard on staff and the remaining councillors also taking into account the financial burden to the taxpayer.

Well staff and Councillor Charleen O’Brien Anderson , Doug Daugert did a great job to get us over the hump and with the addition of the two new Councillors Elizabeth Stewart and Brigid Cumming we are fully set to carry on the Village’s business.

As a pretty new council we started having different infrastructure tours together with office staff and public works.

The purpose of the infrastructure tours was to familiarize us with the conditions of our Assets and Liabilities prior to sit down and go into the strategic planning process. This was a great exercise for staff and council and it supported council in the decision making on the strategic plan that is attached below.

The 4 Top Priorities which will be focused on in 2017 are:

#1  Water System

#2  Boat Launch & Parking Lot

#3  Cell phone service for Port Clements

#4  Sewer Infrastructure

The remaining priorities are dealt with on a case by case situation and will also be considered in 2018 and beyond.

Council and some staff also participated at the UBCM Convention in hope to move some of our priorities ahead but the lack of commitment from the new coalition Government left us with some disappointment. We are still committed to move those priorities ahead and we will be in contact with our Provincial  partners shortly.

Our CAO Kim Mushinsky left us as of October 31, due to several circumstances. Her official retirement was planned for December 2018 but Kim will be available on a contract base to support the final training of Ruby Decock as a CAO.

I would like to thank Kim for all her hard work and dedication for our community over the last few years!

Going forward needs a strong commitment from all of us including council, staff, public works and our well appreciated volunteers!

We are a small community with a lot of challenges but I’m sure by working together we can make it work to be successful.



Mayor Urs Thomas