Adele's Haida Gwaii Guest SuitesBox 169Port Clements250-557-6800email
Budgie's Backpackers & Sight SeeingBox 148Port Clements250-557-4602EmailWeb
Golden Spruce MotelBox 296Port Clements250-557-4325EmailWeb
Smillie's B & BBox 473Port Clements250-557-4614EmailWeb
Automotive & Courier
Mike's MechanicalBox 463Port Clements250-557-8533Email
Port Air Cargo ServicesBox 237Port Clements250-557-4795Email
Al Condrotte TruckingBox 211Port Clements250-557-4257
Beachy Mechanical Ltd. Box 197Port Clements250-557-2499Email
Benrich Contracting Ltd. Box 412Port Clements250-557-4764
C and C Beachy Contracting Ltd.Box 447Port Clements250-557-4421Email
Donald & Evelyn Robinson ExcavatingBox 422Port Clements250-557-9328Email
E.B. Heavy DutyBox 279Port Clements250-557-4399
Eaglecrest Enterprises Ltd.Box 297Port Clements250-557-2460email
Gaspar Forest & MarineBox 472Port Clements250-557-2409Email
Husby Forest Products Ltd.604-940-3525Email
Infinity West Enterprises Inc.Box 448Port Clements250-557-8516
J & J Contracting Box 244Port Clements250-557-4589
LNR Excavating Ltd.Box 196Port Clements250-557-4362
Martin's ConstructionBox 195Port Clements250-557-2425
O'Brien & Fuerst Logging LtdBox 280Port Clements250-557-4282Email
O'Brien Road & Bridge Maintenance Ltd.Box 280Port Clements250-557-4282EmailWeb
P.J. Waring Enterprises Ltd.Box 108Port Clements250-557-4488Email
Rootham Services Group Inc.Masset250-626-3562Email
Sharoon Contracting ServicesBox 238Port Clements250-557-2009Email
Slim PickingsBox 266Port Clements250-557-8576Email
Small Scale Machining & Mechanical ServicesBox 154Port Clements250-557-4252email
Taan Forest LPBox 1384Skidegate250-559-2337email
Timber Transport ServicesBox 437Port Clements250-557-8511email
Tlell Forestry Ltd.Box 77Tlell250-557-4376email
Wajjesteh EnterprisesBox 573Old Massett250-626-9600Email
Retail & Services
Andrea Turton - Barrister & Solicitor250-557-8525
Angela's Place Social Cafe & Fuel StationBox 258Port Clements250-557-2003email
Bayview MarketBox282Port Clements250-557-4331Email
Bear SewingBox 296Port Clementsemail
Benedicte's StudioBox 575Port Clements250-557-2006Email
Big Red EnterprisesBox 24Tlell250-559-8880
Bihada Laser StudioBox 329Port Clements250-557-8544emailWeb
GB's Custom Printing & Variety ShopBox 254Port Clements250-557-4760Email
Haida Gwaii Forest Products Corporation, Inc.Box 199Port Clements250-557-4201
Haida Gwaii TraderBox 222Port Clements250-557-2088Email
IB WeldingBox 182Port Clements250-557-4504
Integrative MassageBox 148Port Clements250-557-4365Email
Island Meat and SausageBox 346Port Clements250-557-8596Email
Jessie's CateringBox 256Port Clements250-557-4519Email
Karl Hugenschmidt Inc.Box 437Port Clements250-557-8551
Land & Sea ServicesBox 235Port Clements250-557-9311Email
Lavoie's Family Farm
McIntyre Bay Ent.
HY-GWA Charters
Box 260Port Clements250-557-4759Email
Meghan A. Wallace, Barrister & SolicitorBox 727Masset 250-626-7026EmailWeb
QCIslands Net Ltd.Queen Charlotte250-559-7777Email
Renco Saw RepairBox 284Port Clements250-557-2002
Triple D Industrial Services/ Lioudmilla's GardenBox 268Port Clements250-557-4472Email
Yakoun River InnBox 227Port Clements250-557-4440